Exterior Painting

The same standards are met whether interior or exterior. Our purpose is to provide a long last solution. We have you covered and are looking forward to be given the opportunity to prove so.

Interior Painting

In addition to mastering their respective fields in the specific services that will be provided to our customers, we also expect a high degree of customer service skills and professionalism from this team as these qualities areĀ  essential to our long-term success

Demo & Drywall

If you are the type of person to be able to do this on your own then more power to you. We only want to help and will simplify any headaches you have in the process. That one spare section we can make to look the same.

Interior Painting Cont.

Indoor detail painting there are extra precautions that are taken to make sure no paint is put where it should not be present. Masks are worn to protect employees. Premium paint products that last are all that LIC chooses to use.

Exterior Painting cont.

Exterior painting can be dependent on weather, and other factors. The same precision and accuracy used indoor are applied out door. Exterior painting can sometimes take longer than usual. Contact us with any questions. JOB SPECIFIC

Demo & Drywall cont.

Demolition and waste removal is quite difficult and exhausting but LIC can do the job from start to finish without you lifting a finger gladly! and having it done right, the first time you do it can be critical. Anyone who chooses to do removal on their own may be responsible for damage to any interior pipes/lines/wires delaying your project.


We are in your corner!

Everyone pinches pennies and especially in business. We do not afford profit however for fulfillment. Clients are first and that is our number one priority before we even get into our profit that can be made.

Professionalism at it's best!

There are no cheap sales tactics to overcome or anything along that nature. Just let us know what you need accomplished and we will do everything in our power to make it happen. If we give the wrong advice, we are happy to pay for it.


Next Steps...

All you need to do is reach out and we will be happy to give you a quote. Thanks for perusing our website in the meantime.